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I will offer you any of our services, SEO and Lead Gen Services for less than $300/month and I will Guarantee them for the first 30 days and refund every dime you paid if you are not happy with our service
My Name is Wilson Cole and most of you know me as President and Founder of Adams Evens & Ross. However, I also own Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine, The United States Staffing Association and Back Door Hire Solutions. I used to avoid marketing anything other than collection services to the Staffing and Recruiting industry because I did not want to confuse anyone on who I was, because I am a collection guy first and foremost.
Over the last 27 years we have collected over One Billion Dollars of staffing and recruiting debt. My daughter just finished law school and joined our company in August so Adams, Evens & Ross, Inc is in great hands for the next generation. That is where my problem started, I have another daughter that wraps up school with a degree in Marketing next December so I have expanded our companies so she can focus on her passion and not feel left out after big sister helps manage Adams, Evens & Ross. 
Content Marketing
SEO Services
List Building
voicemail Drops
E-Newsletter Services
Live Feel Webinar Signup
Sequential Email follow up & Funnel Monitoring
Have Your Own Private Label And Branding Magazine
Graphics Design Services
So in an effort to keep Family Peace, I have increased the size of our Magazine and Marketing Staff by about 900% in an effort to bring affordable,  world-class marketing resources to the staffing and recruiting industry that actually work...
I know our marketing systems work because they have generated over a Billion Dollars in sales for our companies. I want to offer you our services at a deeply discounted rate for a multitude of reason.
If I increase your sales than I have increased your collections. I am a collection guy at heart and I know that .50% of your revenues will be bad debt
I have seen too many marketing companies come and go over the last 25 years and they just did not produce the results for our clients or they charged way more than they should have
I have known a lot of you guys for almost 30 years, why would I not try to help you grow your businesses?
I want to give you access to my entire Marketing Department A La Cart. We signed up a few larger companies on our full lead generation program and we have increased their sales but I have had a lot of clients come to me and say..

"Wilson, I cannot afford $25,000 a year. I just need help content marketing or help me get my website listed higher on a google search so I do not have to pay for pay per click." 
Just click on the services that you want below. You will sign and I Will Guarantee Them For The First 30 Days And Refund Every Dime You Paid If You Are Not Happy With Our Service.  That simple,  If you are not happy simply cancel within 30 days and I will refund every dime you paid, no questions asked.  
If You Do Not Cancel Then I Will Assume You Are Happy With The Service And we Will Charge Your every 30 Days. You can Cancel At Anytime, No Long-Term Contracts And No Hassle Cancellation.
The Services We offer
Content marketing
$49.00 Per month
One HR Article Written By Our Professional Staff And Graphic Per Week Will Be Emailed To You So You Can Be Viewed As The Go To Expert In Your Industry
SEO Services
$299.00 Per Month W/Free Audit
Google "Past Due Staffing Debt" Or "Past Due Recruiting Debt". We Are Not Only On The Top Of The First Pages But We Are Typically 9 Out Of The 10 Listings. I Can Tell You That Does Not Happen By Accident. I Can Also Tell You That You Do Not Need To Spend $2000 Per Month. Let My Team Tweak Your Website And Improve You Google Standing
List Building
$199.00 Per Month 250 Total Contact Per Month
You Supply Us A Profile Of Your Best Client And Most Profitable Client And Our Data-Mining Team Will Create A List Of The Best Matches To Your Best Client And They Will Secure The Contact Information Including Contacts, Numbers, Email Address And Street Addresses. ( Have You Ever Wondered How We Got Your Contact Information, We Had A Whole Team Searching Every Week For You )
500 Live Voicemail Drops
$199.00 Per Month 500 calls and voice drops to your list every month
Let's Face It, No One Answers Their Phone Anymore. Why Would You Have Your High Paid Sales People Talking Too Everyone's Voicemail. We Have A System That Allows Someone To Call Your Office And When They Are Passed To Your Voicemail , Then My Telemarketer Drops A Pre-Recorded Voicemail Into Your Voice Mail Of Me Asking If You Need Our Help. Spoiler Alert If You Get A Call From Me Every 60 Days Its Not Me, It Is A Voicemail Drop.
E-NEwsletter Services
$299 Per month 
We will professional create and write a Monthly E-Newsletter for you and email it to your list of up to 1000 email addresses. We do all the work and you only have to approve and we will even send it from our servers on your behalf
"Live Feel" Webinar sign up and email follow up
$175 Per month 
Have you ever attended one of my webinars. Guess what they are like the voicemail drop. They feel live but they were recorded months and sometimes years ago. We will have you record the perfect webinar and we will provide you with the registration page that once your people sign up then they will have get reminder to attend you webinar in 2 days at 3 pm . It is always on and always working for you.
Sequential Email follow up and Sales Funnel and landing monitoring
$179 Per month 
Have you ever visited one of our website and then for the next 3-10 days you received emails from us based on what you requested. These landing pages not only generate sales immediately but they also help build your marketing list for the long term
Have Your Own Private Label And Branding Magazine
$189 Per month 
( Total cost per Quarter is $589.00) ( We only ship once per Quarter but you are billed 1/3 monthly ) 
We will publish, write and private label 100 copies of a " Real " 24 page magazine for you and your company every quarter and ship to your office in a box via UPS. We will also publish a Digital version on our servers for 1 year so you can use it on your website and email marketing . ( I can tell you if you did this on your own it would cost you over $40,000 per ) We can mail them to your client for the additional cost of postage and handling)
Graphic Services for your brochures and marketing material
$199 Per month 
We will supply graphics services to you with unlimited graphics and adjustment. You share your graphics idea with our graphics department and they will create a one page graphic for you once a day or adjust any graphic charges every day until you are happy with the end result.
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