Special Limited Offer!
Access to my Digital and SEO Team at Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine
It’s Wilson Cole with Adams, Evens, & Ross
...and I wanted to reach out to my Adams, Evens, & Ross' clients and offer something that I have never offered before and we can only work with 10 companies.
I wanted to offer you access to my Digital and SEO Team at Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine and have them do for you what they have done for Adams, Evens, & Ross and Recruiting and Staffing Solutions Magazine. They not only got us listed at the very top of Google Search Results, but on some search results such as “past due staffing debt” and “past due recruiter debt”. In most cases, we are listed in 80% - 90% of all search results on the first page of Google. Google search for yourself. You will even find that other companies that pull up are actually promoting Adams, Evens & Ross.
That does not happen by accident, I assure you. It is a system that we have developed that have had the same results for multiple companies that I own. I would like to offer you the same access to my team that got these results for only $299 per month. My team only has the capacity to work with 10 clients and when the 10 spots are gone, they are gone. Imagine having the same team that got the results for my companies working with you to improve your Google and Search Presence. This is not a "We will teach you how to do it program," It is a Program where we do all the work for you. My team only can handle the 1st 10 companies that sign up.
So why is my collection guy offering me Google search results? Several reasons:
  • If I increase your sales, it will also increase your collections. It’s a numbers game.
  • ​My team can actually get you the results; they did it for me. Ask your web guy or your SEO guy how their own company gets search results.
  • ​I already have the built-in cost, so anything that I generate from this special offer is 90% profit.
  • ​I am testing a new business model for my youngest daughter who is graduating from college with an MBA that focuses on Digital Marketing next year (Her big sister just joined our team last month when she graduated law school). I do not want to give the youngest daughter issues.
  • ​If I can help out clients improve their sales, then a small percentage of those sales will go into collections.
I will absorb 100% of your risk.
If you are not happy for any reason with the results of my Digital Marketing Team within the first 30 days then you can cancel and I will refund your first month to you no questions asked. If you are happy then continue going forward. We will bill your card every month for $299 and you can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose.
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